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Donara Gabrielyan

Mesrop Mashtots University Rector, PhD., MMU Professor, Honourable Doctor of Slavonic Academy about Nature and Society, Honourable Professor of Vienna International University, member of the Club of the Rectors of Europe, Laureate of Socrates Award.

Mesrop Mashtots University is one of the first higher non-state educational institutions in the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.

The goal of the MMU Foundation was the desire to revive the old educational traditions of pre-revolutionary Karabakh. Graduates of Karabakh schools used to continue brilliantly their education at the leading universities of Russia and Europe.

Today, in addition to its educational goals, our university fulfills not less important mission for the NKR. Despite the fact that our republic is not recognized, the university has successfully integrated into European system of education, as evidenced by the cooperation agreements signed with CIS and Europe universities. These relations, along with joint researches, publications and annual international conferences contribute greatly to the process of recognition of the NKR. Flexibility and independence of non-state universities allow us to react better and prompter to the innovative processes that are taking place in the educational system. We keep pace with the time.

The road chosen by us is very honorable, but it is also very complicated. We want to reach our goal together with you.

Mesrop Mashtots University is one of the first higher non-state educational institutions in the Nagorno Karabakh Republic. It was founded on October 25, 1996. It has its own arms, anthem and flag. It received full accreditation of Ministry of Science and Education of Nagorno Karabakh Republic in August, 2007.

The University adequately responds to the labour market needs, aims at training specialists who correspond to the modern requirements. All the specialties of the university meet the international standarts.